Authority & Expertise

CEIB derives its authority from the statutory language in the Ohio Revised Code, which appears below. The Ohio Revised Code contains all current statutes of the Ohio General Assembly of a permanent and general nature, consolidated into provisions, titles, chapters and sections. Pursuant to these statutes, CEIB has contracts and agreements with the City of Youngstown, Mahoning County, and all municipalities and townships within Mahoning County.

The present contracts call for either automatic renewal or determined periods of enforcement. The contracts also call for the revision of fees, which are periodically approved by Council or the County Commissioners.

Ohio Revised Code Statutory Language

Ohio Revised Code Section 3781.10(E)(7) provides:

“Enforcement authority for approval of plans and specifications and enforcement authority for inspections may be exercised, and plans and specifications may be approved and inspections may be made on behalf of a municipal corporation, township, or county, by any of the following who the board of building standards certifies:

(a) Officers or employees of the municipal corporation, township or county;

(b) Persons, or employees of persons, firms, or corporations, pursuant to a contract to furnish architectural, engineering, or other services to the municipal corporation, township, or county;

Staff Expertise and Competency

The Central Electric Inspection Bureau offices at 201 E Commerce St # 160, in Youngstown are home to a rare collection of talented, experienced and dedicated people who make high quality inspections and service their number one priority. Each inspector has the respect of the electrical community.


CEIB has 2 full-time and 3 part-time field inspectors, with a combined experience of well over 200 years in the electrical industry.

John Z. Grivensky, ESI #565

  • Experience:
    Electrical Safety Inspector – 17 years
    I.B.E.W. electrician (commercial/industrial/residential) – 18 years
    I.B.E.W. apprenticeship instructor – 25 years
    Mahoning County and City of Youngstown electrical plans reviewer – 10 years
  • Education:
    I.B.E.W. residential apprenticeship
    I.B.E.W. commercial/industrial apprenticeship
    Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering from Youngstown State  University
    Associate Degree, Vocational Instructor, from University of Tennessee
  • Affiliates:
    Past president of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors of the State of Ohio
    Current president of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Association of Electrical Inspectors – Eastern Division
    Member of Mahoning County Licensing Board

Educational Requirements

Each CEIBm inspector must be certified in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3783.01 et seq. and Ohio Building Code Section 103 et seq. Such sections set out the requirements for Certificates of Competency, which include:

(a) four years as a journeyman electrician, two of which were as a foreman plus two years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems; or

(b) four years as a journeyman electrician and three years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems; or

(c) four years as a building inspector trainee of electrical systems or six years as a journeyman electrician

Each inspector is further required by law to take 30 hours of coursework every three years. This 30-hour coursework is a necessary condition for re-licensing in the State of Ohio.

Additional Training

In addition to the required courses, CEIB encourages inspectors to take, and reimburses them for taking supplementary courses in an effort to be as up-to-date as possible in not only electrical code knowledge but also in inspection techniques and abilities. The CEIB inspection team is one of the finest in the country. CEIB inspectors have taken over 50 hours of additional supplementary training.