What is the CEIB?


The Central Electric Inspection Bureau (“CEIB”) performs all of the electrical inspections and plan review for the City of Youngstown and Mahoning County. CEIB also serves all the various municipalities within Mahoning County provides “back-up” inspection service for other cities in the surrounding area.

CEIB inspects a wide variety of facilities, including housing, apartments, office buildings, high-rises, shopping centers, sports facilities, large manufacturing facilities, office towers and all other installations. CEIB conducted a total of over 150,000 such inspections in since 1923.

In addition, CEIB conducted over 1000 plan reviews for the City of Youngstown, over 5000 for Mahoning County, and 20 for miscellaneous municipalities and townships.

CEIB does its work as if it were a department of the municipality but, in fact, CEIB is a totally separate, independent corporation. Thus, electrical inspections are effectively “outsourced” to CEIB.

This outsourcing originally came about – and continues in force today – for two very good reasons:

  1. CEIB costs not one penny. All of its operations are paid for by the electrical contractors. Municipalities do not have to hire and support an electrical department and do not expend any funds for this excellent service.
  2. Contractors love working with CEIB. They praise its work, and support its operations. CEIB is accepted by industry because of its expertise, its training, its excellent work and its personnel.

Today, in addition to electrical inspections, all plans for electrical installations must come to CEIB for review. CEIB’s certified plans examiners review those plans, and if they are not satisfied that the plans conform to the Code requirements, they notify the contractors or the engineers for the contractors, who make the required amendments or changes. Local Utilities will not energize electric services until CEIB has inspected the installation for code compliance.